How can I tell if my tree is sick or unhealthy?

General signs of an unhealthy or dying tree include decreased or no leaf growth on all or part of the tree during growing season, missing or brittle bark, and fungal growth such as mushrooms on the trunk. Other signs of an unhealthy tree include dropping leaves,...

Should I prune a mature tree?

When pruning mature trees, always have a purpose for making cuts. Trees recover more easily from smaller wounds than larger ones. That means it’s always better to remove smaller branches. Remember that it’s best to call a certified arborist if you’re...

Should I fertilize a mature tree?

Most mature trees don’t really need to be fertilized unless they are showing a specific sign of deficiency or are growing poorly. Especially fast-growing trees, like Pepper Trees, are better left with little or no fertilizer.

Is there anything I can do to speed up blooming?

Unfortunately, no. Sometimes high-phosphorous “bloom foods” are recommended, but these should not be used unless a soil test shows they’re needed. To help the process, though, don’t prune heavily prior to bloom.

Why is my tree not blooming?

Pruning at the wrong time of year can reduce flowering. For example, pruning spring-blooming plants severely from fall to early spring will reduce bloom. Too much nitrogen fertilizer or a deficiency of other nutrients can also reduce bloom. A soil test could help you...