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A towering tree close to your house can provide important shade and shelter, along with impressive beauty and drama. Sometimes, though, that nearby tree can pose a serious threat. Growing branches can scratch and bang up the siding or roof of the house. A buildup of leaves and sticks on the roof can contribute to rot. The roots of a large tree can destroy the foundation of your home, causing cracking and other issues.

A tree near the house might require more careful planning and work to remove, but it can be done safely by a reputable tree service company.

To help you decide whether the tree next to your home has to go, schedule an appointment with the experts at Elite Tree Care. Our experts have the tools needed to map the location of the roots of the trees around your home. Once you have this, you can more easily ascertain whether the trees are a true threat to your foundation.

You can also rest assured that the team at Elite will not rush you into removal if its not necessary. Our trained, ISA-certified arborists have extensive experience and skills. They can help you determine the health of the tree, the extent of its damage, whether its life could be spared, and if so, how.

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